Robbins, North Carolina Location in the Works for Southern Angel Donut Co.

Yes, we are expanding!!

We are excited to announce that our 2nd location will open in Robbins, North Carolina in September  of 2018. We will be located right in the heart of town on Middleton Street and construction is already underway!

This location is a great milestone for us, since we only opened less than a year ago in Pinehurst, say’s Sarah Hargrove, owner of Souther Angel Donut Co.

We are dedicated to giving our customers great service and great donuts. It is a simple recipe for success. We are on the fast track to open at least 3 more stores in the next 12 months along with some point of sale kiosks in already established locations. So if you have a store and it is within distance, let us know if you would like to carry our donuts. We will get you on the list and contact you to discuss the opportunity.

We will keep everyone informed of what’s next right here at so please check back with us. Thank you for all of your support!

Southern Angel Donut Co. Robbins, North Carolina















The address is:

Southern Angel Donut Co.
105 S. Middleton Street
Robbins, North Carolina

Article by: Southern Angel Donut Co.

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