Moore County First Traditional Donut Shop in Pinehurst NC

A Southern Angel Donut Co. opens first traditional donut shop in town. A year ago, Sarah Hargrove moved to Moore County to join a team with a dream of opening up a traditional donut shop in this community. With her 15 years of experience in making donuts from scratch, Sarah was the perfect pick for Baker. Partnering with the owners Bill Ottoman, Anthony Becke, and Steve Norell, Hargrove and the team launched the business of Southern Angels Donut Co.

“It takes a whole team to be able to build and maintain a business like this, and we are thankful for each of the members of our staff,” Sarah Hargrove said.

Southern Angel Donut Co. shop opened in Pinehurst on December 9th of 2017.

Hargrove was raised in Florida, where she worked in a donut shop in Fort Pierce since she was 14.  She learned all about how to make the traditional, old-fashioned, yeast-risen glazed donut – the process that they now use at Southern Angel Donut Shop.

Hargrove was eager to bring her traditional donut technique to the Northern states. When Norell asked Hargrove to consider moving to the Pinehurst area and opening a donut shop with him and his colleagues, she moved to Moore County to join the shop. An integral part of Hargrove’s original recipe and technique of making the “Traditional Raised Donut” she says that there is a gentleness and a toughness required to create these donuts.With a cake like consistency of the traditional technique, the donuts are unlike any of the donut shops located in Moore County.

“You have to really love making donuts otherwise this business will not work for you,” Hargrove said, “it’s a lifestyle, not a job, to be able to get up and start working on donuts at 2AM to be able to give them to customers at 6AM takes dedication. You really need to love it or it is not for you”

Hargrove sends credit of the shop’s success to her brother Joshua Hargrove and her boyfriend Alex Sesco, because of their constant hard work and passion for the business.

The Southern Angel Donut shop partners with several charities to provide their leftover donuts from the day to those who are less fortunate. With a constant turn over in new flavors and new recipes they are experimenting with, they are happy to share their products with as many people as possible.

Southern Angel Donut shop offers catering, delivery in a 5-mile radius, and call ahead ordering options.

They do a variety of unique techniques to produce a donut product that can add a unique touch to any event. With experience making giant donuts to look like a guitar, to a mermaid tail shaped donut, the staff at Southern Angels Donuts will assist in helping you create what ever kind of donut you may need for your event.|

For more information about Southern Angels Donut Co., stop by their store located at 211 Central Park Ave, Pinehurst NC 28374 from 6AM to 3PM Sunday through Saturday. You can also call their store at (910) 420–2123 or visit their website at

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