Bakers Choices

Glaze .99

Chocolate Glaze .99

Powdered Cake .99

Coconut Frosted 1.35

Fruity Pebbles 1.35

Frosted Sprinkle 1.35

Cinnamon Crumb 1.35

Bavarian Cream 1.45

Powdered Jelly 1.45

Chocolate Frosted 1.35

Apple Fritter 3.25

Maple Honey Bun 1.35

Vanilla Cake Stix 0.99

Blueberry Cake 1.35

Glaze Stix 1.35

$2.49 Each

Specials are sold seperately and not included in half or whole dozens

Vanilla Frosted M&M 2.49

Maple Bacon 2.49

Vanilla Frosted Oreo 2.49

Jelly Filled Donuts $1.45/ea.

Choice of Glaze, Powdered or Vanilla Frosted

Lemon Filled
Raspberry Filled
Blueberry Filled
Strawberry Filled

Cake Donuts 0.99/ea.

Available in plain , glazed ,chocolate frosted, powdered, or vanilla frosted.

Devils food chocolate cake
Sour cream cake
Old fashioned vanilla cake
Blueberry cake

Pre-order 24 Hour Advance

Your choice of icing; Chocolate, vanilla , strawberry or customize

Mini Donuts
Donut Fries
Chocolate Yeast Raised Donuts
Whoopie Pies

Cream Filled $1.45/ea.

Choice of Chocolate Frosting or Powdered

Bavarian Cream Filled
Cream Cheese Filled
Long John

Specials $2.49/ea.

Specials are sold separately and are not included in half dozen and dozen orders.

M&M vanilla frosted
M&M chocolate frosted
Oreo chocolate frosted
Oreo vanilla frosted
Maple Bacon
Cinnamon Rolls glazed

Fritters $3.25/ea.

Fritters are sold separately and are not included in half dozen and dozen orders.

Apple Fritter
Pineapple Fritter – Special Order

Topped Donuts $1.35/ea.

Vanilla Frosted Sprinkles
Chocolate Frosted Sprinkles
Strawberry Frosted Sprinkles
Powdered Sugar Coated
Cinnamon Sugar Coated
Chocolate Frosted Glazed
Chocolate Frosted w/ Coconut
Vanilla Frosted w/ Coconut
Cinnamon Crumbs on Vanilla Frosted
Cinnamon Crumbs on Chocolate Frosted
Cinnamon Sugar Coated Twist
Glazed Twist
Chocolate Frosted Peanut
Vanilla Frosted Peanut
Peanut Butter Frosted Peanut
Maple Frosted
Half & Half Chocolate and Vanilla Frosted
Strawberry Frosted
Vanilla Frosted
Fruity Pebbles Vanilla Frosted

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